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Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky

Governor Bevin's approval ranking is at 33 %. There are solely What's Chris Carter's net worth with decrease approval ratings. Cross, Al (January 4, 2016).
The state's 1890 constitution requires a statewide candidate to win a majority of both the popular vote and an electoral vote, with one electoral vote awarded to the highest vote-getter in each of 122 state House districts. Those results -- and Bevin's unique vulnerabilities -- led Republicans to dismiss claims that the gubernatorial race had any significant national implications. Bevin synched up with President Trump, hitting hard on points like abortion and immigration; senior correspondent Mike Tobin reports from Louisville, Kentucky. Beshear, the son of the final Democratic governor within the state, Steve Beshear (who served two phrases, 2007 to 2015), focused on bread-and-butter points, together with defending the Obamacare Medicaid enlargement enacted by his father, and on his capability to work with Trump.
It's far too soon to say whether or not this spells trouble for McConnell, who faces reelection next yr. Bevin aligned himself with Trump and has been a vocal opponent of the impeachment inquiry into the President.
The ballot credits a few of Bevin's resurgence to President Donald Trump's recognition in Kentucky and resistance to his impeachment. President Donald Trump steps off Air Force One with Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin. It's not the first time Laettner has been mentioned in the same sentence as Bevin or a Republican gubernatorial candidate in Kentucky. Kentucky law prevented governors from working for re-election till 1992. Since then, no Republican has been elected to a second time period, although the state is dominated by Republicans in its federal offices and hasn't voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1996.
For far too many Kentuckians, a school education is financially out of attain. And crushing student loans are burying lots of those who do go to college beneath a mountain of debt. As lawyer common, I’ve fought in opposition to unscrupulous for-revenue schools and secured over $5 million in restitution or debt reduction for Kentucky college students. And I stopped Matt Bevin when he tried to illegally cut the budgets of our universities and community schools.

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